Oaks Rush Outback Resort

Private Campground - Queensland


The Oaks Rush Outback Resort in Kidston, central Queensland is located 7 kilometres from the old Kidston town.

This unique style of accommodation was the original quarters for the workers of the Kidston Gold Mine which is now closed.

The rehabilitation of the mine has just been completed and the owners have transformed the workers accommodation into a unique outback resort.

Oaks Rush Outback Resort also caters for people who are having a camping holiday and staying in either their tent, caravan or motor-home.  There are powered and non-powered sites.  All caravan site lodgers can use the shared amenities block.  The showers have a hot water system in place.

Ideal for all those people who live in crowded cities who want to get away from city living for a while.

Owen Campbell bought the resort property in November 2001 and the Oaks Rush Outback Resort commenced. Owen also operates the 142 square mile "Oak Station" surrounding the resort.

Guided tours of the cattle and horse station can be arranged on request.

Oaks Rush Outback Resort features:

  • Tennis courts

  • Gym

  • Pool tables

  • Inside and outside bars

  • Buffet restaurant

  • Laundry service facility

  • Camping/Caravan area

  • Catch your own fish

  • Trap your own red claw

Oaks Rush Outback Resort has a buffet style restaurant.

All meals are available for:

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

  • Dinner

A full range of snack foods is also available.

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