Columboola Country Caravan Park

Caravan Park - Queensland


Columboola Country is the ideal location to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday situations. The retreat is a comfortable 4 hours drive west of Brisbane, just off the main Warrego Highway between Chinchilla and Miles. Being only 2 hours north of Goondiwindi, the main crossing point from New South Wales into Queensland, Columboola Country is the obvious choice for those from the southern states, to break their trip. Your pets are more than welcome here and the park completely understand that all our best companions may not be human. Dogs are not the only companions our guests bring either. Those with horses are also welcome, as they do have a small yard for horses, but most people prefer their horses with them.

Columboola Country is not your usual regimented caravan park. They pride themselves on the space and the distance between all cabins, cottages and sites. They promote as more of a back to nature, bush camping experience. And with 265 acres available, their unpowered sites range from 'completely remote' to being within the main camping area. 

That area has all the modern amenities... hot showers and flush toilets. A coin operated laundry is also available.

Punchbowl Creek divides the park and the iconic main waterhole fondly named 'the punchbowl' is right in the main camping area. Many of their guests like to relax and 'wet a line' or bob for the bush delicacy - 'The Yabbie' or fresh water prawn. There are usually plenty in these waterways and they taste better when fresh and caught yourself.

Columboola Country really appreciates the sacrifices our veterans have made... and still continue to make for us. After all, a 'VETERAN' - whether on active duty, discharged, retired or reserve - is someone who at one point in his or her life wrote a blank cheque made payable to "AUSTRALIA", for an amount of "up to and including his or her life".

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