Halligan Bay Point Campground - Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park

National Park - South Australia


Australia’s largest salt lake, Lake Eyre/Kati Thanda has a catchment area from three states and the Northern Territory. The north lake itself is huge, covering an area 144km long and 77km wide, and at 15.2 metres below sea level, it is the lowest point in Australia. The south lake is 64km long and 24km wide. Flood waters cover the lake once every eight years on average. However, the lake has only filled to capacity three times in the last 160 years.

You may feel a sense of isolation standing on the dry lake edge and seeing nothing as far as the eye can see – yet with heavy rains and the right conditions the lake comes dramatically to life. When there’s water in the lake, waterbirds descend in the thousands, including pelicans, silver gulls, red-necked avocets, banded stilts and gull-billed terns. It becomes a breeding site, teeming with species that are tolerant of salinity.

Away from the lake, the park features red sand dunes and mesas. They rise from salty claypans and stone-strewn tablelands.

Experience the awe-inspiring stark wilderness of Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park at night by setting up camp.

Located on the shores of the lake this is an exposed flat campground. When the lake is full, this spot can feel like beach camping Access: 4WD only. Suitable for: tents only. Facilities: long-drop toilets, picnic tables. Campfires: not allowed. Unallocated campground: 20 vehicles maximum. Electricity: unpowered.

Road in minor corrugated for last 5kms but overall road in excellent condition (towing an off-road camper trailer). Camp site is an open area. We camped in overflow area behind a dune as was extremely windy. Small patches of salt but mostly mud under a thin crust layer. Loads of flies.
Camping Fee $12.50
Per Site, per night (2 Adults) - from

Vehicle Entry Fee $11.00
Per vehicle, per day - from