Ravine Campground - Kosciuszko National Park

National Park - New South Wales


**Please note:  This is only suitable for tents, swags and camper trailers.  4WD vehicles only can reach this site and snow chains are required after snow.**

Ravine is a popular destination for vehicle based camping and fishing during summer. There are no designated sites or visitor facilities. Most vehicle based campers choose natural camping sites near the river. It is recommended that camps be set up at least 50 m from Yarrangobilly River.

Activities: walking, fishing, sightseeing, swimming, geological/geomorphological appreciation

Natural setting: dry eucalypt forests

Cultural heritage: The Ravine was a village around late 1800 and early 1900 and it supported a community vested in copper and tin mining. Very little evidence of occupation is present today.  The remains of the Washington Hotel can be found on the southern side of Yarrangobilly River and numerous mine shafts can be seen else where in the valley. There are many other relics related to mining in the area.

The landscape is part of the Ravine pseudo-karst (limestone) geological area.  Examples of open air caves and formations can be found along the Milk Shanty and Stable Walls. 

Getting there: Lobs Hole Ravine Road provides access to the Ravine from the Snowy Mountains Highway (60 km south of Tumut) and the Kiandra Cabramurra Link Road (8.5 km west of Kiandra). It's approximately 38 km and passes through Yarrangobilly River, a natural river crossing.  Please use caution when crossing the river as water levels may vary.

The southern end of Lobs Hole Ravine Road is suitable for 2WD vehicles (including caravans) to Wallaces Creek Lookout (approximately 2.2 km from the Link Road). There is a turn around suitable for caravans 200 m past the lookout. Beyond the turn around, 4WD vehicles are recommended.

The northern entry route on Lobs Hole Ravine Road road is suitable for 2WD up to the intersection with Blue Creek Trail. Blue Creek Trail passes by Jounama Heritage walk and is the access point to Jounama Homestead ruin. Beyond the Blue Creek Trail intersection, south along Lobs Hole Ravine Road, is 4WD only.

Contact the Tumut Region Visitor Centre for the Lobs Hole Ravine Road visitor guide.

Water supply: Drinking water collected from Yarrangobilly River and tributaries should be boiled for 5-10 minutes prior to consumption.

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