Dickabram Bridge Park Rest Area

Free Camping - Queensland


This is now a maximum stay of 72 hours for self contained vehicles and vans only.  It's on the banks of the Mary River with excellent facilities.  Here you will find toilets, electric BBQ's, picnic tables.  Dogs are allowed as well.

Please don't overstay your welcome here as council are regulating this area heavily.  Unfortunately, they have had people stay over 2 months and it's made the council not very happy.

**Please note: there is a 3.5metre maximum height clearance to reach this area as well as a gravel road to travel.

Nice quiet spot on the western side of the Mary River. The crossing of the river is via the historic bridge which rough and wooden planked. Fortunately there is not a lot of traffic as the bridge is noisy in the camp area.

this is not a good spot all gravel road not indicated on any map and only 3.5 metre height bridge so therefore we couldn't go over as we are too tall. not happy driving in the wet with pot holes. park up area is very small and a mud puddle today

Because of those who abused this great spot, the council has had no choice but to make it almost stopover unfriendly, there is only enough room for about 3 rigs and right next to the road, good for a over nighter, and that's it, stop at either the two in Gympie for a better stopover.

Please note the Dickabram Bridge has a 15 ton limit although the area would fit a Big Rig providing its not accommodated already there is a detour but mostly narrow dirt and a long way around. Miva has no shops or even a pub.
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