Big Billy Bore Camping Area

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The Big Billy Bore campgrounds are located in the Big Desert Wilderness in the Mallee Country, north west Victoria. It is accessed along the Murrayville-Nhill Track, approximately 33 kilometres south of Murrayville. The campsite turn off is signposted and is located 650 metres off the road. The Murrayville-Nhill Track is rough and unsealed; the surface becomes very slippery in bad weather. Dry weather access only.

The Big Billy Bore campsites are for self-sufficient campers only. There are some basic toilets, weather picnic tables and a barbecue. Campers are required to bring their own water and firewood, although gas stoves are preferred. Camping with dogs and pets is forbidden in the Big Desert Wilderness due to wild dogs in the area.

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    Nhill Murrayville Road
    Murrayville, Victoria, 3512
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    -35.5075, 141.3115
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    Bordertown, South Australia
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