The Broadwater Camping Area - Sundown NP

National Park - Queensland


Features: Individual sites on the bank of the Severn River. Read about the park’s vegetation, geology and bushwalking at the information shelter.

Location:About 1 km east of the park headquarters.

Access: The camping area can be reached by conventional vehicle via a narrow track. Caravans longer than 4 m will not fit across the small bridge leading to the campground.

Number of sites
The Broadwater east: seven numbered sites of varying size.
The Broadwater west: eight numbered sites of varying size.
The Broadwater large group area: large open area. For groups of 15–30 people only.

Suitable for:Tent camping beside your car; caravans (less than 4 m); camper trailers; small motorhomes; large groups. Note: site sizes and entrance widths vary.

Surface: Earth/grass.

Facilities:Small barbecues, pit toilets, bush showers with donkey heater (boil your own water), water at headquarters. Rubbish bins are not provided—remove all your rubbish. There are no powered sites.

Open fires:Not permitted.

Generators:Not permitted.

Essentials to bring: Drinking water, rubbish bags (no bins are provided), insect repellent, container to carry water from headquarters (treat before drinking), fuel or gas stove, warm clothing and warm bedding. Bring your own clean, milled firewood if you want to use the barbecues as firewood is not provided. Never collect wood from the bush. 

The Broadwater east (Sites 1–7)—advance bookings are required at all times for these sites. Self-registration camping does not apply. Book online or by phone.

The Broadwater west (Sites 8–15)—for long weekends advance bookings are essential. Book online or by phone. In off-peak periods self-register before you set up camp.

The Broadwater large group area (Site 16)—advance bookings are required at all times. Book by phone.

Mobile phone coverageLimited.

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