Kendalls Camping Area

Free Camping - Victoria


Situated within the Rubicon Valley Historic Area, in the Rubicon State forest, Kendalls camping and day visitor areas provides excellent opportunities for camping, bushwalking, picnicking, fishing, mountain biking, trail bike riding and recreational driving. The areas consists of two large camping areas, Kendalls A and Kendalls B, connected by a short, picturesque walking track. The campsites are on the western bank of the Rubicon River.

The surrounding forest is an important catchment area for the hydro-electric power stations situated at various locations along the Rubicon valley. The Rubicon forest is also a very important area for hardwood production. Mixed species forest dominates the area around Kendalls, while at higher elevations, Mountain Ash, Alpine Ash andShining Gum dominate the canopy.

NOTE: This campground is impacted by seasonal closures from Queens Birthday weekend until Melbourne Cup Weekend.

We decided to take a weekend away last weekend to this site. We were very impressed with the location and the walks in the area. The bush is a mixture of 'real Australia' and a little rainforest and ferns. Was a peaceful weekend with very little noise the weekend we were there (November). Although the toilets are "long drops" they are clean. There is no tap water around so take your own water for drinking and washing.

Chose this place as it was listed with phone coverage and therefore internet. As at the date of this review zero Telstra coverage was possible at either camp One or Two.
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