Harvey Dickson's Country Music Centre Campground

Private Campground - Western Australia


Bush Camping at Harvey Dickson's Country Music Centre, Boyup Brook Western Australia offers a unique camping experience with picturesque surroundings, a mixture of mystery, enchantment, and character that comes with a farm that was established in 1885. 
During major concerts and rodeos, there is no need to book. Bush camping is close to all the action and there heaps of room for the kids to play away from the road. Couples, singles, and families all roll into Harvey Dickson’s with motor homes and caravans, and some rare vintage ones to boot. Utes, tents, wigwams’ and star motel all create a fantastic atmosphere that makes Harvey Dickson’s Bush Camping the place to be. 

Harvey Dickson's has 3 Bush Camping sites, all in close proximity of each other. 
*    The Main Bush Camping Site is in and around the Rock Arena within the Rodeo Complex. It is pleasant and exciting at the same time. There are large rocks, trees, sculptures, and a first class view of the country environment surround you. The Rock Arena has toilets but no power or showers. There is a dam water tap near the toilets that can be used to top up your shower water and a rainwater tank near the Dead Horse Saloon for drinking water. If need be the Flax Mill Caravan Park and the Boyup Brook Hotel offer showers to our campers at a reasonable price. 
*    Bush Camping at the Old House and Bee Hive. The house and beehive are no longer in use. The house was first used to house farm workers and their families. The beehive was used to make honey. It has old time character, beautiful views and is close to the toilets. There is a dam water tap nearby and the drinking water tank is near the Dead Horse Saloon in the Rodeo Complex. 
*    The Riverside Bush Camping Ground. This place is peaceful and pleasant. You have to share the camp with trees, kangaroos, rabbits and the odd emu. Just kick back and enjoy. Due to the fact that this camping ground is on the banks of the Blackwood River there is no power, toilets or showers therefore campers on this site need to be fully self sufficient.

Harvey Dickson's Country Music Centre is open 7 days a week for concerts, rodeos, tours, bus tours, conventions, functions of any type. We can supply lunch, tea, breakfast or you can bring your own. Our clients are both from corporate and private organisations. Examples of the people who attend Harvey Dickson's are Caravan Clubs, companies, university staff and students, car clubs, etc. We also have bush camping available, toilets but no power or showers. 

Great place to stay the sights are very entertaining. The tour is a must.
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