Hiltaba Nature Reserve

Private Campground - South Australia


Adjoining the Gawler Ranges, Hiltaba Nature Reserve is made up of magnificent granite hills overlooking plains of diverse grasses and woodland habitats. Hiltaba is home to more than 40 state-listed species and nine species listed by the Commonwealth for their conservation significance. For bird watchers, Hiltaba is a must-see reserve, but even those without a pair of binoculars will appreciate Hiltaba's birdlife.

Hiltaba Nature Reserve ecotourism opportunities include:

  • The Founders' Walking trails (see below for further details)
  • Nature Drive loops to Mt St Mungo, The Lookout, and into the northern and southern landscapes of the Reserve, offering visitors panoramic views and some fascinating insights into the environment, geology and pastoral history of Hiltaba. The Nature Drives are designed as self-drive experiences for visitors with suitable vehicles.  All the tracks are marked with colour-coded arrows to assist navigation, and trip notes and points of interest guides are provided.
  • 'Tag Along' tours with the manager
  • Accommodation including shearers quarters, cottages and campgrounds at Pretty Point campground and near the shearers quarters*

For bookings, please check with their office for accommodation availability: phone 08 8340 2880 or email NatureFoundationSA@nfsa.org.au, and complete the booking form on their website. Drop-in campers will also be welcome. 

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