Old Andado Station

Private Campground -


Molly Clark the pioneer of Old Andado Station passed away in late 2012 and passed her legacy onto her 5 Grandchildren.  In 2013, the Old Andado Charitable Trust was formed with the goal of maintaining, restoring and bringing to life this amazing place and piece of Australia’s history. Old Andado Homestead is seen as the only remaining Homestead of its kind in Australia. It is a poignant reminder of how life was without modern amenities such as mains electricity, hot water systems, mains water, the telephone and glass windows in some cases! For many that come through Old Andado it is an ‘eye opener’ and they find it staggering that someone could live there for over 50 years, for others it reminds them of their grandmother’s homes. It is a real testament to its rigid framework construction that it still standing today! 

The Old Andado Homestead is an overnight stop for many people who are crossing the Simpson Desert, completing the Binn’s Track or doing many of the outback tracks. Enjoy a tour of the homestead with one of the caretakers.  Unpowered camping is available with the use of toilets and donkey hot showers.

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