Bluewater Park Rest Area

Free Camping - Queensland

This Site is a Rest Area offering Overnight Stop Over  for a Max 48 Hrs which is easily accessible yet quiet with lots of shade and located next to the creek & adjacent to the oval. 

Ranger visits daily to check that the 48 Hrs max is maintained. 

There is a playground and walking trails for the kids. 

Just arrived to what is a thoughtful spot set aside by the local council. They are rather specific about only camping within the designated places, which is totally understandable. It is also very unfortunate and rude for a caravanner to unhitch their car and actually move it to the adjacent space which automatically precludes any other traveller from parking there. It never ceases to amaze me how selfish some people can be. Apart from that issue most campers waved as we slowly drove through to find what appeared to be the only remaining spot.

I managed to snare a spot close to the highway but I was not greatly bothered by road noise. I had originally intended to stay just the one night but it was so pleasant I stayed for the second night. Yes it was quite shady but I had parked to be in direct sunlight for the greater part of the day so I was able to fully charge the batteries. Dual potable water taps are spaced along the boundary so a fixed connection is possible. The facilities available listing mentions showers but I was unable to find them but with a fixed water connection and an onsite dump point using my on board shower wasn't a drain on my storage tanks.

We have overnighted here, nice location, peaceful, good facilities, very popular got to get here early.

Just off the freeway. Entry is via an unsealed but good road into the parking area. There is plenty of space to turn around even for the largest RVs or 5th wheelers. Toilet block is there as well. Not a bad overnight stop just outside of Townsville.

All Townsville free camps must now be booked online The booking system is accepting reservations for the free campgrounds in Balgal Beach, Bluewater, Rollingstone, Saunders Beach and Toomulla.

Large rest area going back from the highway, giving quieter places at the rear. Many Caravans and Motorhomes were using the rest area. Plenty of shade, so solar does not work well here. Fishing in the nearby creek. Signs say to park in designated places, but those places were not clear. About 15 km to nearest shopping centre .
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    Bohle Plains, Queensland
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