Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park

Private Campground - South Australia


As per council website, There is no camping or accommodation available within this park. 7.3.2022 LS

Explore the spectacular underwater world of Piccaninnie Ponds which have been recognised as a wetland of international importance.  Snorkel across the top of The Chasm and peer down into the dark depths below or dive down into the large underwater cavern known as The Cathedral.

The crystal clear waters have been slowly filtering through the limestone and forming the Pond's features over thousands of years. The freshwater rising to the surface under pressure has eroded a weakness in the limestone to form The Chasm. This same process has formed the large underwater cavern known as The Cathedral creating its majestic white walls of sculptured and scalloped limestone.

On land, take a walk along the beach and see the freshwater springs bubbling up onto the sand. These springs are used by birds for freshwater and are also a favourite spot for shellfish.

 There is also a walking trail through coastal wattle and beard heath to the ponds outlet. The walk then leads inland via boardwalks into silky tea-tree and cutting grass to a lookout where views of the wetland and bamboo reed and bulrush can be seen.

Wood fires and solid fuel fires are prohibited throughout the year.

 Gas fires are permitted other than on days of total fire ban.

 Below high water mark: wood fires and solid fuel fires are permitted below high water mark, other than on days of total fire ban. 

A permit is required to snorkel or dive in the ponds. Scheduled timeslots are available. Conditions apply, bookings are essential.

 Beware of strong currents and undertows on beaches.

 As the average water temperature can be between 10-15 degrees Celsius, a wetsuit is recommended.

 This park may be closed on days of extreme fire danger.

The SA government website says no camping available here
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