Wanagarren Campground

Private Campground - Western Australia


Beachside camping right next to the pristine waters of Jurien Bay Marine Park.

Pack your bathers, fishing, surf and snorkel gear and camp right near Jurien Bay Marine Park. 

There are 15 campsites suitable for tents, rooftop and awning tents only and they must be booked online. All campsites are only suitable for campers who are completely self-sufficient. Facilities, water and firewood is not provided.

Campfires are permitted seasonally (usually April - October) and in provided fire rings only.

Wanagarren Campground is within a nature reserve and there may be crawling insects including kangaroo ticks.

Campers must bring their own portable chemical toilet. 

Getting there

Access to Wanagarren Nature Reserve is via Indian Ocean Drive and Grey Spur Road. Access to the campsites is for high-clearance four-wheel drive vehicles with low-range gears only. Reduce your tyre pressure for soft sand. There is no facility to reinflate tyres on exit.

Beware of oncoming vehicles, narrow sections and blind corners along the track.

National Parks says Camper Trailers, Rooftop and Tent only, CMCA GeoWiki says big rigs, 11+ & motor homes?. Tried to report issue on CMCA after data entry report button did not work
Camping Fee - Concession Card Holder $6.00
Per concession card holder, per night - from

Camping Fee - Adult $8.00
Per adult, per night - from

Camping Fee - Child $3.00
Per child, per night - from