Umbrawarra Gorge

Private Campground - Northern Territory


The Park is located about 245 km from Darwin and about 115 km from Katherine. Drive along the Stuart Highway to about 3 km south of Pine Creek. Then turn south west onto an unsealed road. The next 22 km can become very dusty and corrugated. This section contains steep dips and creek crossings. Drive with care.

Roads - the Park can be reached by all vehicles in the dry season (May - September). Towing caravans along this road is not recommended due to the corrugations. During the wet season (October - April), especially after rain, the road is often closed.

Consult maps and check road conditions on 1800 246 199 prior to your visit.

Rocky pools and small sandy beaches provide beautiful swimming spots, early to mid-dry season only. The creek stops flowing late in the dry season.

An easy 1km walk leads into the Gorge, but if you want to go further along the creek you will have to swim and rock-hop. There are magnificent views from the cliff-tops.

For rock climbing and abseiling, permits must be obtained from the Batchelor or Palmerston Parks and Wildlife Services offices before you arrive at Umbrawarra.

A small campground with a pit-toilet is only a short distance from the gorge entrance. Water is not provided. Camping fees apply and should be deposited in the honesty box provided.

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Camping Fee - Adult $4.00
Per adult, per night - from