The Glasshouse Camping Area - Lake Tyers State Park

Private Campground - Victoria


Lake Tyers State Park extends from Lake Tyers Beach to Mount Nowa Nowa. Tall eucalypt forests surround the northern shores of Lake Tyers, and a thin sand spit divides the lake from the ocean. 

The park offers opportunities for low impact bush camping in a natural environment, with fishing in the lake and on the Ninety Mile Beach. 

Lake Tyers State Park also offers a number of areas for picnics, beautiful bushwalks and forest drives.There are plenty of sites here for you to choose from. They are most flat and grassy with hard sand underneath as the foundation. It is only a short walk to the lake from the camp sites. 

Have a swim, hop into your canoe and explore or try a spot of fishing while you are here. There are no facilities here so you need to be fully self-sufficient. 

Also, please note that camping is not permitted within 50 meters of the water. This is heavily policed by the forest rangers.
It's a nice spot. We have a 30 foot Winnie with a car trailer toad. Road in was ok gravel most of the way but turned pretty ugly just before you get here. While road width potholes full of water. Trees overhanging the road. But we got here with no damage. Lovely quiet spot right now, large area that looks like it is probably packed in peak periods. All in all it was worth the rough road to stay here for a couple of nights.
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