Tooms Lake Campground

Private Campground - Tasmania

Tooms Lake is the name of both a lake and a village in the eastern midlands of Tasmania. The lake is artificial and shallow covering 6.6 km square. The lake can hold 25.362 gigaliters of water. The catchment area is 60.2 km square. It is drained by the Tooms River, which flows into the Macquarie River. The lake is 468 m above sea-level. The lake is reached by the gravel Tooms Lake Road 83 km from Hobart. Seaplanes land on the lake several times per year.

The lake is used for recreational fishing, for brown trout and rainbow trout. Brown trout were introduced in 1904 and Rainbow trout were released around 1908. Trout are usually 1 to 1 1/2 kg with the largest 2 1/2 kg. Other creatures found in Tooms Lake are Galaxias maculatus or jollytail.

Amenities include a camping ground, boat ramp, public toilet and rubbish bin. There are no shops or public phone service.

Please contact the Caretaker below for futher information on amenities and fees:

Caretaker: John Dance
Phone: (03) 6255 5228
There are no rubbish bins and the area can be muddy at times.
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