Devils Marbles Campground

Private Campground - Northern Territory


A simple, unpowered bush camping area with fire places and pit toilets is located at the southern end of the Reserve (fees apply - cash only). No water or firewood is provided, and campers should come well equipped. Bookings are not required.  No dogs and generators are permitted.

The Devils Marbles are known as Karlu Karlu in all four local Aboriginal languages. This remarkable site is a sacred place to Aboriginal traditional owners.

An enigmatic place of breathtaking scenic beauty, the precarious piles of huge granite boulders wide open skies and golden sunlight make Karlu Karlu an unforgettable place to visit.

Traditional Owners maintain their responsibilities for the site, an unbroken tradition that has continued since creation time. In a historic ceremony held here on the 27th October 2008 ownership of the Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve was officially given back to the site’s Traditional Owners. The Reserve will now be leased back the Territory Government under a 99 year lease agreement. Public access to the Marbles will continue to be provided as before. A new and exciting era of Joint Management of this Reserve has begun with Traditional Owners and Park Rangers now working together in partnership to manage the Reserve for the future.

3 years from the last review and nothing much changed. It's rained heavily today so seeing the marbles in the rain is a different experience. From the campsite you would get a great sunset picture.

This is a basic campground, nestled in amongst the Marbles. There are a couple of shade shelters and some fireplaces. Three pit toilets. Several nice walking trails around the Marbles. Very peaceful. Sadly there are some idiots who climb the rocks despite all the signs, disrespecting the wishes of the Indigenous owners.
Unpowered Site $3.30
Per person per night.