Bloomsbury Rural

Free Camping - Queensland


Bloomsbury Rural has been operating for over 25 years servicing the local community and surrounding areas. With over 14,000 stock lines Bloomsbury rural can help you in almost any area.

Bloomsbury Rural is a BP service station offering Unleaded, Premium Unleaded fuel as well as high flow diesel.

Come in and visit the girls at the "Chocolate Fish" cafe/restuarant all meals are cooked on site and only the freshest ingredients are the way the coffee is great!

These friendly people offer free overnight camping and a free hot shower.  They are a one stop shop for everything from groceries, fuel to all your rural supplies including tractors!  Enjoy a meal from the cafe here as well.  They are open from 6am to 8pm each day.

For use of the Showers you are  required  to purchase a token from the shop and if you don't use the full amount , you simply take back the surplus and it will be refunded. 

Pulled in here for a lunch break. A large area but most of the campers were on the outer perimeter with the larger dirt area left for trucks to park and turn around. The food at the servo was OK but nothing flash. We chose not to stay the night.

The showers here are not free as erroneously reported, but you are required to purchase tokens at $1 each. Each token gives 2 minutes of shower and if any are unused you get a refund. Amenities are pretty ordinary but it is a free stay after all. The food is quite good.

We camped here overnight 7-6-2016. We didn't use any of the facilities. We just parked in the probable 3ha area. It's covered with fine gravel and is fairly level so you probably won't get bogged. The area can accommodate bus and trailer rigs. At present 15 vans are camped in a single line along the edges. It has become apparent to me that because the site is rectangular and big truck rigs turn at the end and park in the centre, it is best not to park at the ends where they swing wide. It doesn't seem too noisy at present and the sheer size of the area means we won't be too close to refrigeration trailers.

This is a basic place to catch a nights sleep. The road noise is not too bad at all. It is basically a large truck parking area where RV’s can camp around the outer edge. I’d recommend parking parallel to the sides otherwise those towing a van will protrude into the truck turns area. The area is just dust and there are no longer showers available because of the water restrictions. Would stay again travelling enroute to anywhere else.
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