Hervey Bay RV Stop Over

Rest Area Overnight - Queensland


This site is situated at rear of Information Centre and is a Rest Area offering Overnight Stop Over for a Max 48 Hrs, for Self Contained Vehicles Only.  There are 3 sites available here.  

The ‘Stop and Shop’ concept is an ideal way to encourage consumers to stop within CBD areas and to explore and support local businesses.

Visitors who use the ‘Stop and Shop’ sites will need to be self-contained (shower/toilet).


Now 48 hour free stopover, MUST be self contained. Security check each night and will move you on.

This is a good spot to stop and explore Hervey Bay for a few days. The site itself is tight although big rigs can fit as the parking bays are long. Backpackers are discouraged which is ideal because it says ‘self-contained’ only. The dump point is locked with a key available at the VIC. This is done to stop rubbish etc being thrown into the dump point, sad really, although I totally understand. There are plenty of caravan parks in Hervey Bay for those who want to stay longer but we are not inclined to stay in such an organised expensive arrangement so frequent these free or cheaper options. We’ve spent quite a bit of money at the local businesses which is certainly our preference when we find an RV friendly town.

Great spot for a day or two plenty of things to see and do in town, please leave the dump point clear as some people have black tanks and have to park close for their hose to reach
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