Eagle Dell

Private Campground - South Australia


Closed until July 2021. 13.4.2021 LS 

Eagle Dell is a private, re-vegetated small farm at Currency Creek in SA which we have opened to bush campers. Part of the enjoyment is discovering the fairy houses, mini gardens, and junk art critters, scattered around the property for visitors to find.

  • Eagle Dell is always locked, at a gate with no turn around possible, so you MUST PHONE well before you arrive - 0439 832 804 
  • After your call I may forward, via sms, your “contract for entry” and the details you need for access
  • This is a secluded, 40 acre, private property which offers camping to a maximum of only 6 vehicles per night
  • Access is via dirt road/track – short sections may be slippery when wet
  • We ask for a “fair” donation which may be left in the donation post
  • There is no set fee and we provide no service for payment
  • You enter and undertake activities entirely at your own risk
  • Toilets are available
  • A small amount of rainwater is available
  • We are adjacent Currency Creek so creek water is also available during the wetter months
  • You may have comfort fires – but they must only be in an existing fire pit
  • You must bring or collect your own fallen firewood
  • Any cut wood is not for you – don't be a firewood thief
  • Only Telstra mobile service is good and 4G is possible in selected spots
closed at least until July according to Facebook site
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