About Town Cottages - Yellow Gum Cottage

Hotel - Resort - New South Wales


Is a circa 1920s 2 bedroom Miner's Cottage. The exterior of the building is typical of it's era and is in the corrugated iron style common to this area. This style of construction was popular in Broken Hill due to the extreme cost of transporting bricks from South Australia. It was an affordable way of obtaining home ownership. Most Australians are unfamiliar with this concept, having been raised on the notion that a house has to be made of brick in order to be "solid". In Broken Hill "solid" construction is prone to cracking problems due to the mine firings, over time this becomes a major issue as the cracks get bigger, as does salt damp. 

The property is fully fenced including a dividing gate between front and rear yards. 

The front yard is dominated by 3 huge "Bird of Paradise" plants. 

The rear yard is predominately lawn. 

Undercover off street parking on site for up to 2 cars. If you have a sedan type of car then you get the choice of garage or carport. Large vehicles will need to use the carport. Both are off street.

Cooling and Heating provided.

4 minutes walk to fast food shops.

4 minute walk to main street.

Far enough away from the highways so that there is little traffic noise!

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