Elachbutting Rock Camping Area

Free Camping - Western Australia


Follow the signs on Elachbutting Road to find the camp area located around the rock.  

Elachbutting Rock is a massive granite outcrop, a very popular camping sport for 4x4 wheel clubs and for locals, also a popular site for weddings. The name Elachbutting is thought to mean ‘that things standing’ which is quite feasible as Elachbutting is a large granite rock, a prominent landmark standing out from the surrounding countryside. It has a spectacular colourful wave similar to Hyden’s Wave Rock with the added beauty of ‘Monty’s Pass’, a 30m tunnel caused by a rock slide. An echoing cave similar to an amphitheatre is close by.

The 6km track around the rock with its dense trees and shrubs hide many interesting species of flora. The east side is renowned for its masses of Donkey Orchids at the base to the rock.

Elachbutting Well is a feature of this area. The well can be found to the rear of the rock and quite a distance between the well and the base of the granite rock. The well is circular and extremely deep and there are approximately three to four rows of dry wall stones then either clay or stone that looks if it has been drilled. The water seeps in at the base of the well  through the rocks. This well is typical of wells that were built within this area and provided a natural water supply to the settlers. Parking facilities and a walk trail have been developed jointly by the Westonia Shire and The Department of Environment and Conservation. Toilet facilities are now available at Elachbutting thanks to the Shire of Westonia.

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