Natural Wilderness Experience - Claravale

Private Campground - Queensland


Gill and Eunice Campbell invite you to tour with them this environmentally sensitive ecosystem and share their passion for the preservation of this unique pristine wilderness. 

Come and experience nature at its best and stand in awe of panoramic views from Rowan's knob, Mount Amour and Bluff Mountain at Claravale on the southern most spur of the Carnarvon Range. Be prepared to be amazed at some of the most spectacular sandstone formations and landforms, which contain fossilized evidence of an ancient seabed. 

Six thousand acres of the thirty-two thousand acre property are dedicated to the preservation of flora and fauna in a natural untouched wilderness. Two refuges interconnected by wildlife corridors, ensure the protection of a wide variety of ecosystems and habitats. The refuges include some of the most spectacular panoramic views of pristine wilderness and geological formations the nature has to offer. 

A wide variety of indigenous plant species, including an abundance of ground and tree orchids, native grasses and trees, can be found in this botanical wonderland with very few introduced or pest plant species. The natural integrity of Claravale ensures that the visitor is treated to a wealth of species diversity. A bird list is available for the avid birdwatcher.

Gill and Eunice are dedicated to the custodianship, preservation and protection of this pristine ecosystem and have received several awards in recognition of their achievements and dedication to nature conservation. 

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