Dunalley Hotel

Free Camping - Tasmania


Established in 1866, this hotel is a landmark in Dunalley.  It overlooks Denison Canal and has view of Norfolk Bay.  It has been completely renovated and offers lunch and dinner 7 days a week as well as having a beer garden, two bars and lounge and a gaming room. 

They offer free overnight camping for patrons in the parking lot.  It is for self contained motorhomes and caravans only.  Please check with the publican before setting up.  There is a donation box on site as well and donations are very much appreciated.

Large area for all types of vehicles. Has water views as well. Toilets at hotel are available for campers and there are 2 portaloos on site for after hours. There is limited drinking water available so make sure your tanks are full. Make sure you help the pub by making a donation, having some drinks there or a meal.

As per previous reviews though at the moment lunch not on Mondays. Tuesday night seniors meals $12 and drinks discounted. Bar meals currently start from $12 as well. Big range in main restaurant but prices range up to $35

Great spot to have a night or three, plenty of room, beautiful views. The self contained is a bit of a joke. Meals at the pub are good value. Would be nice just to relax with a good book.

Large parcel of land, mainly even, behind hotel. Advise hotel staff you are staying. Donation box inside hotel foyer. No facilities except for toilets when hotel is open. Take rubbish with you.

It's not the view although that's good, it's the owner of the hotel, her personality, the amazingly big portion meals and really really good food. The convenient location stayed over on the way to Port Arthur. Loved it. Stay for free if you get a feed in the hotel.
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