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Adding Point Of Interest

Planner has one of the largest databases however we also understand that new places are found whilst you are travelling. So if you've found a place that we don't have we would love it if you can tell us about it. Once we receive your information, our Team will go through and check the details, if possible contact the location and verify the location facilities and services and then release it on the Planner!

Place details (what's required)

We don't require much, but try to fill in as much as you can. The only "required" items are the Place Name, Primary Type and Secondary Type. Just try and provide as much as you can so we can verify the details you've provided.

1. Primary Information
(i.e BP/Caltex)
2. Contact Details
3. Accommodation
4. Address

5. Expiry (If Available)
6. Access
(Leave blank if normal access to site is available, otherwise be descriptive, i.e rough gravel road for 1.2km into location)
- Monday to Friday
- Weekends

Don't forget to check the activities and facilities available at this place before you continue!